Our Hospital

Sri RamaChandra Children’s and Dental Hospital is one of the few children’s hospitals in the area which is equipped with the best modern and sophisticated medical care facilities along with a handpicked team of strong medical professionals who have an exemplary record. We have a very strong core team of doctors who have the same core values of providing the best possible care to their patients.

We are a hospital which specializes in neo natal care and dental care for children. Expert medical diagnostics, consultation and treatment is a part of our hospital and we strive hard to maintain so.

Neonatal Intensive Care(NICU), Pediatric Intensive Care(PICU) with expertise in medical diagnosis and treatment of all kinds of child health problems. It is our earnest endeavor and commitment to work in dedication giving atmost satisfaction and relief to the patient and the parents. Apart from the doctors on our panel we have out station specialist at a phone call distance who constitutes the core team of super specialty. We have independent specialist departments in the children’s hospital both for Neonates and Pediatrics. For the Neonates we have 3 intensive care units and 2 for Pediatrics. Apart from the modern sophisticated equipments for 24 hour oxygen supply, uninterrupted power supply and every essential monitoring gadgets of high quality and performance, the details of which can be found under the section facilities.

We, at Sri RamaChandra Children’s and Dental Hospital create a medical care centre which is bases on empathy and trust towards our patients and their family members. We create an environment conducive enough for the wellbeing of your child. We believe in providing the best possible treatment for your child and thus will leave ‘no stone unturned’ to provide you with medical care of international standards.


We have an excellent vaccination schedule for a wide range of expectant diseases to provide good health and happy life to your child. The following is the list of vaccines we offer to provide to your child and standard schedule sheet will be given to you at the time of vaccination. Vaccination is for prevention and we should remember the dictum “Prevention is better than cure”.

Our Story


At Sri Rama Chandra Hospital, our mission is “to provide exceptional treatment facilities to every angel, you call child”. .

For us children are small angels who are devoid of malice and do everything with a clear heart. They are unbiased and see things as they are. They have the clearest minds and like angels, have descended on earth to change the lives of people around them. We are a sophisticated treatment centre dedicating ourselves to these little angeles and equipped with the state-of-the-art technology to treat even the most critical of illness. Our mission is to be a treatment centre for children where they are treated with love, empathy and care.


Our vision is ‘to be a preferred child care centre that offers the best possible treatment option for children’.

Our expertise lies in the areas of neonatal care and pediatrics. We have doctors on board to diagnose as well as treat medical complexities so that your child in their hands is safe and is cured completely.


Sri RamaChandra Children's and Dental Hospital is not only just a medical care centre but also a place which has the availability of the latest techniques and treatment options for the children. We have specialists engaged to treat every kind of patient because for us no child is ordinary. Our hospitals have values as pillars of direction, strength and support based on which the hospital runs its operations. They are .

Truth – we understand that your child is precious to you. Therefore, we make you aware of the condition of the ailment and do not hide anything from you. The parents and the doctors are on the same stage when it comes to information sharing. We believe in working in a transparent environment and feel that the parents have a right to know about the condition of their child.

Empathy we take great care of your child and try our level best to ensure that they do not miss the comfort of their homes. Children are the light of the life of their loved ones and we offer all the facilities for your child to get well and go back into the daily routine and with ui goul & delight.

Time conscious – we have expert doctors on board apart from the out station experts to cater to the needs of our patients. We provide the best possible medical care available to ensure that your child is hale and healthy at the earliest.