Our Facilities

Children's Wing

  • No of beds including I.C.U., is 100 (Hundred)
  • Emergency care is Available all the 24 hours a day with Adequate staff in I.C.U., and Oparation theatre for the Specialty Services in Neonatal and Pediatric intensive Care. Consultant based general services are also available at just a call distance
  • Central oxygen supply
  • Uninterrupted power supply

Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU):

There is provision for 32 neonates with all necessary equipment. The unit is fully equipped commensurate with the ventilators and there are adequate pulsoxymeters, ECG monitors, warmers, trolleys, refrigeration and sterilization facilities. Nebulizers, ambu kits etc., that are kept always ready to meet any contingency. Emergency drugs and all other essential items are always kept ready. Neonatal Intensive Care Units are categorized into three units. They are:

  • NICU I: For Neonates (new born babies) requiring no ventilator support (16 open care systems)
  • NICU II: For Neonates (new born babies) requiring ventilator support (6 open care systems)
  • NICU III: For growth oriented Neonates (new born) and for those requiring observation (10 open care systems to accommodate ten new born babies).

Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU):

This is the most prestigious unit with 4 ventilators and necessary expertise for critical care. The unit is fully equipped commensurate with the ventilators and there are adequate pulsoxymeters, ECG monitors, refrigeration and sterilization facilities. Uninterrupted power and oxygen supply, unfailing availability of pharmacological and emergency drugs and round the clock x-ray and laboratory support add to the success achieved with high quality and standards. Pediatric Intensive Care Unit is categorized into two units they are

  • PICU I: For critically ill children not requiring ventilator support (12 beds)
  • PICU II: For children requiring ventilator support (6 beds with four available ventilators)

Special Rooms

Patients and mothers can be accommodated in independent special rooms with optimal air condition facility along with the patients. There are 50 beds available. Each room has an exclusive oxygen supply point with provisions for nebulization and monitoring units. 24 hours medical and nursing care is ensured. Round the clock lift (elevator) facility is available for patients. Sharing beds for economy are also available.

Operation Theatre

An operation theatre for Pediatric Surgery is well equipped with modern operation table and associates accessories. Surgical and bin materials are kept always ready for any emergency and sterilization is always done with an autoclave. Bronchoscopy is an additional feature with specialist performance.

Supporting Divisions

Pharmacy: Sadguru Sri Ramachandra Medicals is an annex to the hospital fully equipped with the medicines including emergency drugs rendering round the clock service

Diagnostics: A fully fledged, laboratory ‘SRI RAMACHANDRA DIAGNOSTICS’ is equipped with x-ray unit and a portable x-ray unit for bed side use. A well established clinical and biochemical analyses wings make the laboratory self sufficient. Qualified staff run the laboratory round the clock and is annexed to the hospital.

Beside Ultrasound and Echo facilities are also available.


We have five Intensive Care Units, three Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) and two Pediatric Intensive Care Units(PICU) for children of all ages needing ventilation support and critical care. The intensive care units are always kept under the alert care of duty doctors, nursing staff and attendants and are fully air conditioned. All precautionary measures are taken without sparing any pains to maintain sterile conditions. Centrally regulated 24-hour oxygen supply is ensured.